Arboristic throwing bag for tree climbing

  • made out of high endurance synthetic fabric
  • equipped with a steel welded ring of 3 cm in diameter
  • at the bottom textile loop to fix additional trowing bag or to pull extra rope


  • versatile trowing bag for use in arboristic, industry and rescue
  • installation of the working rope to the treetop
  • installation of the anchor point using the cambium saver JINGLE II
  • dropping small branches down from the treetop
  • installation of the anchor point using the sling JINGLE II on artificial structures
  • installation of the working rope to the places with complicated access
  • general use for the installation of the accessory ropes in rescue situations

  • available in three weights (color differentiated)

    TREEMOUSE 300 / W9500Y300 - weight 300 g, yellow
    TREEMOUSE 350 / W9500Y350 - weight 350 g, yellow+blue
    TREEMOUSE 400 / W9500Y400 - weight 400 g, blue
Coloryellow, yellow+blue, blue
Weight300, 350, 400 g (≈ 10.5, 12.5, 14 oz)
MaterialPES, steel, polyamide


catalogue sheet PDF - 0,6 MB
Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata, caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work at height and exploration are dangerous activities, which may lead to severe injury or even death. This the following is essential before use:
careful reading and understanding of the instructions for useacquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the productadequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of useunderstanding and acceptance of the risk involved
In case of doubt or problem of understanding, contact SINGING ROCK.