SINGING ROCK – 30 Years in the Vertical World

It's been 30 years since the former owners of Singing Rock met at a trade fair in Munich and decided to start a company together and to produce harnesses, backpacks and sandals. We don't make sandals any more, but we still develop and produce harnesses and other climbing equipment. Over the years, our product range has naturally expanded to include equipment for working at heights.


The 30th birthday marks a major milestone in our lives. It is a milestone between a carefree life and true adulthood. Once someone turns thirty, they usually cut the number of wild parties a bit, they travel less, and conversely there comes more responsibility, more complex decision-making and other components of the adult life. So, how about us at Singing Rock, celebrating 30 years?

True, the wild parties have diminished, but when we do get together, it's worth it. We have no lack of travel, but more responsibility and more difficult decisions are part of our 30th birthday.

In those 30 years Singing Rock has gone through all the processes of transformation from a small garage company to one of the leading manufacturers of climbing equipment. Whether it was finding skilled workers  and reliable suppliers, moving the company headquarters, expanding production capacity, changing the product portfolio, changing the company owners - these are some of the milestones Singing Rock has gone through and mastered, so that this year, it can share this rich history with you.

Singing Rock‘s success is based on good leadership, but, more importantly, on the employees who create the good atmosphere in the company. It is still true that we are a purely Czechand truly climbing company. There are many employees here who can pursue their hobby at work. And if that hobby is climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering or other outdoor sports, they are in the right place here.

Singing Rock has been around for 30 years, and we believe that we will continue making products for your vertical world.
#SingingRock30 🤘

PS: On the occasion of our thirtieth birthday we launched a photo contest for vouchers for climbing equipment. 👉 SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS while climbing or working at heights and win the gear of your choice (1st place worth 1000 €, 2nd place for 400 € and 3rd place a voucher worth 200 €).


SINGING ROCK – 30 Years in the Vertical World

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