Photo contest - SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS

SINGING ROCK celebrates the 30th anniversary and on this occasion we announced a photo contest for vouchers for the purchase of SINGING ROCK products. We were competing for products with a total value of 1600 €. Check out who won.


Our anniversary photo contest SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS knows its winners.

Until Sunday 13 November 2022, you could choose from five finalists on Facebook and Instagram to decide which three will win the SINGING ROCK products of their choice. The finalists received nearly two and a half thousand likes from you over the course of two weeks. In the end, the public vote ended up as follows:

Júlia S. Vences from Portugal finished 3rd with 406 likes (66 on Facebook, 340 on Instagram) and wins a voucher worth 5000 CZK (200 ).

166500"The best moments are the craziest! 🤣😝🤪 Family time. That's what it's all about. @singingrock_official #singingrock30"

Ondra Beneš from Czechia got 516 likes (65 FB, 451 IG), finished 2nd and wins a 10 000 CZK voucher (400 ).

166499"So I have one more photo for the occasion of #singingrock30, this time from the approach to the Polish ridge (which is mostly in Slovakia). So far in easy terrain and with energy for photoshoots and modeling (@jamexnik in a rough pose with his Singing Rock BANDITS), later after a few hours in the ice the only thing we had thoughts about was kebab in Poprad. @singingrock_official"

And Miloš Němý from Slovakia is the main winner of our contest. He was given 914 likes (503 FB, 411 IG) and wins Singing Rock products of his choice worth 25 000 CZK (1000 ).

166498"We LOVE and ENJOY Climbing ♥️ we LOVE each other with @kika.nema and we LOVE @singingrock_official gear🔝 #singingrock30 📸 our wedding pics from 2020 by @vlastimiliano"

Congratulations to the winners 👏 and thank you to everyone who participated! 🙌

For completeness, we are adding the score of the other two finalists. The 4th place with 395 votes went to Sergio Palomino (Peru) and the 5th 182 votes to Anča Šebestíková (Czechia).

Below you can have a look at the assignment of the contest and see all the photos that were included. "See you" next time!



The final of our anniversary photo contest is here.

The task was to capture emotions with SINGING ROCK equipment when climbing or working at height. You could post your shots with the #singingrock30 hasthtag till the end of October.

From published posts we selected about a fifty of images which met the conditions of the contest, and then the 5 which we liked the most. And now it's up to youGive a like to your favorite pictures on social networks and determine the winners.

You can vote on Facebook and Instagramone like means one point for a picture. Final voting takes place from 2nd till 13th November 2022. We will count up likes from both social networks after 13th September and announce the winners on Monday 14th November.

The winner of the competition will win SINGING ROCK products of their choice worth 25,000 CZK (1000 €), the 2nd place will win a voucher worth 10,000 CZK (400 €) and the 3rd place a 5,000 CZK voucher (200 €).

Final shots

SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS when climbing or working at height

What's going on?
We want emotion and realness! Take a picture, or have your picture taken (we also accept archive images), with SINGING ROCK equipment while climbing or working and show how you enjoy it, how it hurts or what it does to you... in short, what it's about!

What do you have to do to get your picture included in the competition?

  • Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram, mention SINGING ROCK and add the anniversary hashtag #singingrock30:
    on Facebook post a photo with #singingrock30 and mention the user,
    on Instagram post a photo with #singingrock30 and mention the user @singingrock_official
  • Photographs must contain the SINGING ROCK climbing/personal protective equipment and must represent SINGING ROCK in a decent and imaginative way. The announcer reserves the right to exclude from the competition proposals deemed inappropriate.
  • Don’t forget to include a brief introduction of the photo (where and when it was taken, what or who appears in the photo, etc.).
  • In case of a shot including people, we suppose that the author of the photo has the photographed person’s approval. SINGING ROCK is not responsible for the cases when it is to the contrary.
  • If you are not the author, please credit the author (name or nickname) for the photo.
  • Photos entered into the contest will be posted on the gallery at the bottom of this page and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
What can you win and who will determine the winners?

  • The SINGING ROCK jury will review the images submitted to the contest and determine the top 5 photos which will then be put to a public vote. Your photo should be nice to look at but the main judging criteria will be authenticity. We want to see your vertical world as it is! Three winners will emerge from the final public vote.
  • The main winner of the competition will win SINGING ROCK products of their choice worth 25,000 CZK (1000 €), the 2nd place will win a voucher worth 10,000 CZK (400 €) and the 3rd place a 5,000 CZK voucher (200 €).
When do we compete?

  • You can post your competition images from 7th to 31st October 2022.
  • Voting for the winning photos will take place from 2nd to 13th November 2022.
Use of photos:

  • All participants of SINGING ROCK’s competition “SINGING ROCK gear in action” agree with a permanent nonexclusive use of submitted photos for marketing purposes of the company Singing Rock s.r.o. A photo used for marketing purposes will always indicate the name of the author.
We look forward to seeing your photos and wish you good luck in the competition!

Competing shots

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