Aim accomplished. Pepa Šindel, Hypoxia extension 9a. What’s next?

For this year I set a clear goal, to climb the 9a route.

I've looked up a few routes. Some in Frankenjura, some in the Alps, but also in my home area. The climbing season started promisingly. In Osp, Slovenia, after a few attempts I managed to climb the legendary classic Hysterija 8c+ (more about the climb here).


In Slovakia, where I feel like home, I had an open project Hypoxia 9a from autumn. The route is split in the middle by a chain and the first part is a separate 8b. After the belay there is a 4m bouldering passage on small grimps without the possibility to click a quickdraw. I estimate this 4m as 8A+ boulder. The end is more technical climbing demanding to precision and concentration.

I tried Hypoxia in the fall of 2022, but failed to resolve the crux of this routeat all, or even hint at it. The breakthrough didn't come until late December, when the temperature dropped to zero, the rock was dry, and I found the solution of the boulder. But it was still far away to send.


On April 23, I started Hypoxia with a clear head and no expectations. Just like that. I climbed easily the bottom 8b, shaked out in the rest, held the micro crimps and held the jump to the last small crimp, and that's when gravity turned off and I flew to the jug where I could shake again. I enjoyed the end of the route to the maximum. Hypoxia extension 9a done!

The 2023 season has started and lets go for another goal!!!
You can also follow Pepa's achievements on his website.

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