Pepa Šindel climbed Histerija

At the age of fifteen, Pepa Šindel has overcome another difficult route. This time he took the Slovenian Histerija into his sights.

Histerija is not just any 8c+, but one of the hardest routes in Slovenia since 2004, when it was first climbed by Slovenian strongman Matej Sova. It is not an easy route.  It is impressive and many climbers try to climb it. Still, the route has an estimate of no more than 30 climbs. Plus, history has been made on it. Natalija Gross climbed it in 2009. She became the first female climber of the route and even the first Slovenian climber to complete the 8c+ difficulty. Since then only 4 women and only 2 Czech climbers (Adam Ondra and Tomáš Mrázek) have climbed the route! This makes Pepa only the third Czech climber. He tried the route for the first time on 3.2.2023 when he went to Osp for a three-day trip. He returned to the route during the spring holidays.

Pepa comments on the route as follows:
When I first came to the route, I got my ass kicked. I couldn't fight my way up the key boulder and even if I did, I knew that the higher it got, the worse it got and I knew that I could fall from the last step, which I did. The route is an endurance character (35m) with a bouldering end on small crimps. There's a pretty good knee before the end of the route where you can rest pretty good. In total I spent 8 days in the route and gave about 16 attempts. The route is beautiful and I am very happy about the climb.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

You can follow Pepa's other climbs on his website.

Pepa Šindel - Histerija

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