Josef Šindel


Name: Josef Šindel
Nickname: Pepa
Job: student
Year of birth: 2007
Climbing since: 2010
Country: Czech Republic

What do you like about climbing? The best thing about climbing is the feeling of absolute freedom and presence, where you only perceive the rock and the movement. You focus on the steps in front of you. Every route is completely different and you never encounter the same problem again. I also love travelling around the world where I can try climbing in different areas with different styles and holds.

How did you get started climbing? I was introduced to climbing by my parents, who also climb, and I've had the biggest role model in them ever since they hung me up on a rock when I was little.

Other interests? I enjoy all sports, card games and chess.

Favourite climbing area? Krpcovo in Slovakia and also Frankenjura

The best achievements? Definitely the "Chiroptera 9a+" route (Slovakia - Súlov), which I climbed last year. In 2023 I managed to climb two routes of difficulty 9a. This is the route "Hypoxia Extension 9a" (Slovakia - Krpcovo), my first route in this difficulty and also my first ascent. Another route in this difficulty I climbed this year is "Sever the Wicked Hand 9a" (Germany - Frankenjura). In spring I managed to climb the route Histerija 8c+ (Slovenia-Osp), which I really appreciate, because it is only the third Czech ascent (Adam Ondra, Tomáš Mrázek and me :).

Biggest climbing experience? Climbing the Chiroptera route.

Plans for the future? My plan for the 2024 season is to climb the "Hades 9a" route (Austria - Nassereith), which I was planning to do in the autumn, but unfortunately it didn't work out. The next goal is the routes 9a and maybe even higher. Condition, health and everything else permitting, I will definitely try to bite into some 9b. So keep your fingers crossed for me💪

Climbing in 100 years? I think climbing is still a very young sport and in 100 years something will be climbed that we can't even imagine yet....10b?

More info about me:
IG: @pepa.sindel
YT: pepasindel

Josef Šindel

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