Season 2023 by Pepa Šindel

Pepa Šindel, a young rocket from our climbing team, looked back at his past season, which was definitely not bad. Pepa fulfilled this year's goal, and he added some more great climbs. Congratulations to Pepa for a super performance, and now his own words and assessment.

My main goal this season was to climb 9a - which I did twice. My most valuable climbs this season.

17. 3. 2023 - Histerija 8c+ ( Slovenia - Mišja Peč) third Czech climb. The route was climbed by Adam Ondra and Tomáš Mrázek. This makes me only the third Czech climber. I tried the route for the first time on 3.2.2023, when we went to Osp for a three-day trip. I returned to the route during the spring holidays. The route is an endurance route (35 m) with a bouldering end on small edges. I spent a total of 8 days on the route and made about 16 attempts.


23. 4. 2023 - Hypoxia extension 9a (Slovakia - Krpcovo) In Slovakia, where I am at home, I had an open project Hypoxia 9a from the autumn. The route is split in half by a chain and the first part is a separate 8b. After the belay there is a 4m bouldering passage on small edges with no possibility to click a quickdraw. I looked into Hypoxia in the autumn of 2022 but failed to resolve the key passage at all, or even hint at it. The breakthrough didn't come until late December, when the temperature dropped to zero, the rock was dry, and I found a solution to the boulder. But the climb was still far away. On April 23 I entered Hypoxia with a clear head and no expectations. Just like that. I ran the bottom 8b, knocked out in the crux, held the micro holds, and held the jump to the last small edge, at which point gravity shut off and I reached the jug to be able to rest.


13. 7. 2023 - North The Wicked Hand 11 (Germany - Frankenjura) Sever the Wicked Hand 9a, a Crowbar music album and among other things a beautiful route by Markus Bock from 2011. I tried the route for the first time a year ago, but I was not tall and strong enough to climb it. Came back a little taller and stronger in early July...soon got up and sent it up...ABA!!!

17. 7. 2023 - One piece 11- (Germany - Frankenjura) Akira's straightening. The author is Moritz Welt (2019). After the opening boulder of Akira you continue straight up to the top. Pam pam, 2 attempts.

15. 10. 2023 - Pulp Fiction 11- (Slovakia - Krpcovo) A beautiful endurance line from Peter Zingor in my home area. I enjoyed the route and sent a quick weekend attempt.


All climbs here: nebo

The autumn part of the season I concentrated on the Hades 9a route (Austria - Nassereith). The conditions were not ideal and even though I was very close, the route could not be climbed. I returned to it twice more, but the climb failed. I will have to wait for Hades. That was my 2023 season, and I'd say it was a pretty good one. If I had to pick the best accomplishment, it would be the first ascent of Hypoxia Extension 9a for me.

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