Felipe Camargo - Gigante de Pedra

168136You gotta see this Red Bull video! In July 2022, one of the best Brazilian climbers of today, Felipe Camargo, climbed the largest cave mouth in the world (Gruta Casa de Pedra) at the PETAR state park, in the interior of São Paulo. On this crag, he and his great team established the most difficult climb ever made in Brazil.

Watch Gigante de Pedra (Stone Giant) at 👉 (37 min.)

168134Felipe made the first ascent of:

  • Maluco Beleza 8c/8c+
  • Avenida Brasil 8c (280 m, 8 pitches: 6, 6, 8b, 8b+, 8b, 8c, 7c and 7b+)
Great job, Felipe. Congratulations!

Gigante de Pedra - photo gallery

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