Felipe Camargo


Name: Felipe Camargo
Job: professional climber
Year of birth:
Climbing since:
Country: Brasil

What do I enjoy about climbing?
First off, the opportunity to be out in the nature and to travel to so many different places and meet new people! But ultimately the personal challenge that climbs brings us. simple goals always turn into big deals for us and its a never ending cycle!

How did I start with climbing?
I climbed for the first time in a kids party little wall...after that me and my older brother found out that there was a gym in our city and started climbing! I still train everyday on this same gym that “changed” my life! :)

Other interests?
Surfing, skateboarding and learning other languages.

Favourite climbing area?
Rodellar (Spain) and Serra do Cipó (Brasil)

The best achievements?
Auto Retrato 9a+ (12a br) FA (Serra Do Cipó, Brazil, 2023)
Avenida Brasil 8c, 280 m, 8 pitches: 6, 6, 8b, 8b+, 8b, 8c, 7c and 7b+ (Brazil, 2022)
Logan (8c+ or 9a) FA (Corupá, SC, Brazil, 2020)
El Bon Combat 9b (Spain, 2019)
Gancho Perfecto 9a (+) (Spain, 2018)
Papichulo 9a+ (Spain, 2017)
Fortaleza V15 (≈ 8C) FA (Brasil, 2014)
1st place in Santiago International Master of Bouldering 2013!
Ali Hulk 9a (Spain, 2011)

My the most impressive climbing experience?
I think we will always pick the latest thing we in my case, the big 13 year old project in Ubatuba (Brasil), finally in July 2014 I did the first ascent of the project and called the boulder Fortaleza 8C.

Plans for the future?
Go back to sport climbing more and maybe get into some big walls.

Climbing in 100 years?
Thats a tough one! I hope that with a lot more people climbing...and with a good industry that allows a lot of professional climbers to live their dreams. But I also hope that climbing will keep its roots and on't get too lost with more people and more money.

More info about me:
Facebook: felipecamargopage
Instagram: @felipe.camargo

Felipe Camargo

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