Procedures and evidence sheets for PPE inspection

The following procedures function as instructions for the competent persons how to carry out the individualproduct inspections and how to keep record of these inspections. Prior to the inspection you should ask the user of the equipment to provide you with the Instructions for Use of the equipment in question (this is particularly important with unknown products), registration sheet and the records of the previous periodic inspections. The user of the PPE should hand over clean and complete PPE which have been stored as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you do not know how to carry out the inspection or you are uncertain about your decision, you can contact our team of professional Polygon trainers who will be happy to help you. E-mail:

The PDF documents contain fillable forms.

  Type of equipment Documents to download  
135974 HARNESSES periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 1434 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 65 kB)
135975 ROPES AND LANYARDS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 175 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 65 kB)
135986 HELMETS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 1159 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 65 kB)
135976 CONNECTORS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 3060 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 69 kB)
135987 PULLEYS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 624 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 60 kB)
135979 ASCENDERS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 1109 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 91 kB)
135982 FALL ARRESTERS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 485 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 65 kB)
135977 DESCENDERS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 525 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 64 kB)
135978 SLINGS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 603 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 109 kB)
135980 FALL ABSORBERS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 748 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 60 kB)
135981 STEEL LANYARDS periodic inspection procedure (pdf, 393 kB)
individual evidence sheet (pdf, 44 kB)
135983 INSPECTION REPORT summary evidence sheet (pdf, 379 kB)
135984 ALL IN 1 all here listed procedures and evidence sheets (zip, 14.6 MB)

SINGING ROCK´s official statement on PPE inspections (pdf, 187 kB)
SINGING ROCK PPE inspection manual (pdf, 5605 kB, without fillable forms)
Universal PRODUCT RECORD SHEET (inspection card) (pdf, 189 kB)