Josef Šindel in SINGING ROCK Climbing Team

We welcome a new and so far youngest member of our climbing team. He is Josef "Pepa" Šindel who recently sent 9a+ at the age of 15. In November 2022 at Sulov, Slovakia he was the first Czech, and after Michal Mikusinec the second climber ever, to climb the Chiroptera 9a+ route.


In the last two years Pepa has climbed Tanec s vlkmi 8c, Talk is Cheap 8c, Insomnia 8c, Erresuma and Raubritte 8c, Pain Makes Me Stronger 8c+, Pu-Erh 8c/8c+, The End 8c+. It is not only these climbs that earned him the Talent of the Year 2022 awarded by Czech Mountaineering Association.

A short video from the Chiropteri 9a+ route. Pepa is also planning the Process 9a in Višňové, Slovakia and other projects are hatching in his head. So we can look forward to what else he will show us sooner or later. On behalf of SINGING ROCK we wish him a lot of strength and good luck in his promising climbing career. Pepa, welcome to the team! ;-)

You can find out more about Pepa on his profile with a short questionnaire.

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