Pavel Vrtík & Jan Straka, Le vol du dragon M7+/A2

105405Le vol du dragon (Dragonflight).

SINGING ROCK Climbing Team member Pavel “Bača” Vrtík and Czech known climber Jan “Stračes” Straka joined forces again and made another cool notch – the first ascent on the northeast face of Les Droites, the Alps, France. They climbed the route in alpine style during four days 9th - 12th March 2014, the line has about 1200 climbing meters and difficulties reach M7+, with one pitch A2.

The guys have said that in technical respect it was so hard climbing like on the Dru North Couloir Direct (they made it last year M8/OS), but the number of difficult pitches and overall difficulty are higher on "Le vol du dragon".


Photogallery - Le vol du dragon M7+/A2

Legend to the topo (pic.1):
1. E Spur (August 1967) - 5c A1, 900 m
2. Lagarde Direct - IV 4+. 800 m - classic winter route, 80°/85°
3. Messner’s pillar (July1969) - V 6. 900 m
4. Écaille épique (Patrick Pessi, Sébastien Ratel a Rémy Sfilio, February 2011) - M6
5. Lagarde Couloir  (July1930) - IV 3. 1000 m - incline to 65°
6. Czech Gully (July 1977) - V 5+. 900 m - 65°/90°
7. Tournier Spur (1937, 1963 - 1st winter, 1972 - Jaeger, 1st solo) - V 4+, 5c. 1000 m
8. Direct start Tournier Spur  (červenec 1970) - start at the lowest point of Tournier Spur, climbing 3c-5c
9. Le vol du dragon (P. Vrtík, J. Straka, March 2014) - M7+/A2

[updated 15 May 2014: added a photo slideshow and a link to an article at WinterClimb]

Photo slideshow

FA Le vol du dragon M7+/A2 (Les Droites), Pavel Vrtík & Jan Straka, March 2014

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