The new generation of sports harnesses is here

SINGING ROCK has launched a new generation of climbing harnesses for those who are passionate about sport climbing, ice climbing, alpinism or sandstone climbing. Wondering what's new? We asked the developer, climbing harness specialist Mirek Matějec, who designed and developed the harnesses.

The names of the harnesses have stayed the same, but the colours have changed. What else is new in this collection?
The colours and the different outer fabric are recognisable changes at first glance. However, the internal support construction of the waist belt and legs loops is also new, using two equally wide webbings running along the sides of the padding. This design distributes the load efficiently and ensures greater comfort when sitting in the harness, belaying on the belay station and when climbing itself.

We have also complied calls for the possibility to attach the auxiliary plastic y PORTER carabiners on the one-buckle ONYX and women's PEARL. So now all models, except the children's ARA, offer two slots for the PORTER carabiners, into which you can then clip additional equipment.


A change invisible at first glance is the INCREASED RESISTANCE OF THE GEAR LOOPS AGAINST WEAR. The combination of a special liquid solution and the subsequent fixing of the braid on the loop significantly improves its durability in harsh climbing conditions.

What materials are the sit harnesses made of?
Underneath the durable nylon top fabric is high quality EVA foam (as with all our harnesses), which together with the internal 3D knitted fabric creates the comfort of the harness. The patented Rock&Lock buckles, which we manufacture ourselves in our metal processing plant, are made of stainless steel.


We've already mentioned the colours, what played a role in their selection?
Choosing colours is always a tricky business. It's a process in which we try to reconcile trends, our company philosophy and the perception of the Singing Rock brand by customers both in the Czech Republic and around the world. I think we've been pretty successful. 🙂

We're talking about sport climbing harnesses, but what other activities are they suitable for?
The harnesses are certified according to EN 12277 - Mountaineering equipment - Harnesses. They can be used for sport climbing, in the gym, on via ferrata, in the mountains or even on ice. In short, everywhere in the vertical where a harness is needed.


What would you recommend when trying and choosing a harness? How to choose the ideal size?
Tough question, tough! It's important to know what you'll use your harness for the most, what kind of environment you'll be in. If you climb 95% in the gym or on sport routes and go to the mountains once a year, you don't need to take the 4-buckle SPINEL big enough so that you can add extra thermal underwear.

Personal selection and trying it out in the shop is definitely the best option. In the case of remote selection, although there are size charts, every body is different and until you have the harness on, you can't know how it will fit.

Don't be shy about asking for a bigger size! Just because you're wearing "M" pants doesn't mean you can't wear an "L" harness. The buckle on the waist belt should ideally be on padding, and preferably with the ability to both tighten and loosen the strap.

But most importantly, you have to like the harness and feel good about it. And if the fact that the Singing Rock harnesses are 100% sewn by skilled hands in our two facilities in the Czech Republic helps you choose, we'd be very happy.

And a final question, which model would you choose?

Thanks for the interview.


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