HandiCamp 2023

172137SINGING ROCK in cooperation with the Teiresiás Centre and other friends invites you to the 17th HandiCamp, the weekend event designed especially (but not only) for climbers and mountaineers with disabilities. This time we will meet in the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj), Suché skály, Czechia...

Date: weekend 15th - 17th September 2023, the event will take place in any weather conditions. If the weather forecast is really really bad, we will announce extra weekend or cancel the event.

Location: climbing area Suché skály. We will meet at the recreational centre ARA Malá Skála on Friday 15th September at 7 p.m.

Transportation: individual, car, train, bus, bike

Accommodation: Recreational centre ARA in a hut or tent with a shelter, you need your own sleeping bag, or a sheet and pillow. Reservation of accommodation will be arranged by Singing Rock.

Food: your own; for those interested there will be a possibility of a common dinner on Saturday evening

Gear: sport clothing and shoes to any kind of weather (there is no good and bad weather, only good and bad equipment...) If you have your own climbing equipment, please, take it with you otherwise there will be possibility to borrow harnesses, helmets, belay devices etc.


Friday: official meeting of all participants at the ARA at 7 p.m.; introducing the organizers, programme, climbing areas etc.

climbing at the Suché skály area, UIAGM guide methodology, belaying, rope ascent etc.

Sunday: climbing at the Suché skály area, rescue techniques for climbers etc.

Registration and more information: Honza Zámečník

Looking forward to seeing you at HandiCamp XVII.
SINGING ROCK Team and co.

Are you curious what did it look like last years? Take a look at the video from Alexandr Zvonek and a few pictures from our camera.

HandiCamp XVI (2022)

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