Fall Arrest Range

134248Singing Rock redefines fall arrest market with a versatile DIY (Do It Yourself) solution. With only 4 types of harnesses and a number of accessories you can get 48 different combinations. All harnesses and accessories are compatible with each other, giving a possibility to create a comfortable solution for every type of work on height according to EN 361 and EN 358. It is extremely easy to make inspections, as you can cover the whole range with 1 harness only by extending its features thanks to the accessories.

Fall Arrest Harnesses & POLE II

Harnesses Basic Light, Basic, Body II Standard and Body II Speed with rear dorsal and/or front sternum attachment points according to EN 361 can be extended by EN 358 Pole II belt with the SPEED buckle.


Pole II belt or a waist belt of the harnesses can be reinforced with an EX-TEN III support, increasing a comfort of the user during a long-term positioning.

Harness Padding

Washable Harness padding with lanyards breakaway parking loops on shoulders brings users comfort on a next level.

Connection Strap

Connection strap attached via Lark's foot (Cow hitch) to a dorsal EN 361 attachment point allows a user to connect himself to SRL or lanyard without any problem.

Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

In case of a fall, an auxiliary Suspension Trauma Safety Strap will help to reduce pressure to the femoral veins while suspended. The strap helps to exclude typical symptoms as pallor, sweating, shortness of breath, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, hypotension, numbness of the legs and fainting, which reduce a possibility of a death due to oxygen deprivation while waiting for a rescue operation.

Apart of separately sold items, we offer 12 DIY sets with a reduced price to provide an additional advantage to our customers.


If you would like to receive any kit pre-mounted, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.


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