68750 ROUTE 44 is a unique technology invented and patented by Singing Rock. It opens new horizons for braiding of dynamic and static ropes. A rope is produced on a 44-carrier machine (instead of a common 48-carrier) which provides great handling, low weight and durability. Great features are achieved by the optimal number, thickness and tightness of yarns.

Ropes braided using the ROUTE 44 technology are light, extremely durable, compact, but at the same time soft in touch and nice to handle.

  • ropes are extremely strong for their diameter and weight (and vice versa, very thin and light for their strength)
  • optimal number of yarns in the sheath provides perfect knot ability; the rope is soft, but not "empty"
SINGING ROCK and ROUTE 44 are registered trademarks of Singing Rock. ROUTE 44 is patented technology of Singing Rock for braiding dynamic and static ropes.