HandiCamp 2020

142349Have a look at a video and photos from this year's HandiCamp which took place again at Rabštejn in the Jeseníky Mountains, Czechia. Climbing, traversing, rappelling, new Singing Rock product testing, relaxed camping and continuous well-being...

Hopefully, see you soon again in the rocks in spring 2021

HandiCamp XIV (2020)


SINGING ROCK in cooperation with Teiresiás and other partners invites you to the next HandiCamp, the weekend event designed especially (but not only) for climbers and mountaineers with disabilities. This time we will meet again at Rabštejn in the Jeseniky Mountains, Czechia.

Date: weekend 18th - 20th September 2020, the event will take place in any weather conditions. If the weather forecast is really really bad, we will announce extra weekend or cancel the event.

Location: climbing area Rabštejn (Jeseniky Mountains). We will meet in Horská chata Rabštejn on Friday 18th September at 7 p.m.

Transportation: individual (car, bus...)

Accommodation: Horská chata Rabštejn, in own tents or cars, participants pay the accommodation on their own expenses

Food: your own; for those interested there will be a possibility of a common dinner on Saturday evening

Gear: sport clothing and shoes to any kind of weather (there is no good and bad weather, only good and bad equipment...) If you have your own climbing equipment, please, take it with you otherwise there will be possibility to borrow harnesses, helmets, belay devices etc.


Friday: official meeting of all participants in Horská chata Rabštejn at 7 p.m.; introducing the organizers, programme, climbing area etc.

climbing at the Rabštejn area, UIAGM guide methodology, belaying, rope ascent etc.

Sunday: climbing at the Rabštejn area, hard routes, rescue techniques for climbers etc.

Registration and more information: Honza Zámečník

Looking forward to seeing you at HandiCamp XIV.
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HandiCamp XIII (2019)

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Singing Rock DEMO with Rockbusters

Singing Rock DEMO with Rockbusters

Do you want to test our products in the field? Starting the climbing season 2021, you will be able to demo Singing Rock climbing gear on many of climbing trips and courses of the Rockbusters crew.
Martin Stráník, 2x 8C/V15 FA

Martin Stráník, 2x 8C/V15 FA

Martin Stráník has added twno new 8C boulder linesWarrior in Labské údolí and Black Panther in Liberec-Vesec, Czechia. Check out the videos capturing the exacting way to the successful first ascents.