68750 ROUTE 44 is a unique technology invented and patented by Singing Rock. It opens new horizons for braiding of 10.5mm ropes.

The ROUTE 44 technology allows blending properties of ropes that were considered impossible before. Some features get better, none gets worse. So you get ... simply BETTER rope.

What is ROUTE 44 technology? How do we do it?

ROUTE 44 - dynamic ropes

For years braiding of 10.5mm ropes was about the same. A core of a certain diameter for required dynamic performance, covered and protected with the sheath made of 48 yarns.

The number of yarns in the sheath is based on the diameter of the core: Let's imagine the sheath as a pipeline through which the core runs. The diameter of the sheath must correspond with it. Without that, the rope is not compact, its sheath slips on the core, and the rope feels empty.

Given the features of old generation synthetic fibers and the core diameter based on them, the 48 yarns were - for 10.5mm ropes - the best solution.

But technology development has brought a new generation of synthetic fibers - with features we never dreamt of. Or ... we did, we did dream of them ... but ...

Then these fibers of dreams finally appeared. Fibers with far better features. They meant the first step towards thinner and thus lighter core.

But the old style sheath just does not fit to the nice, new, slim core; it is too big!

Other producers of ropes solve this problem by using thinner yarns in the sheath. Sure: 48 thinner yarns make a smaller diameter of pipeline, sheath, and fits the thinner core.

But: Thinner yarns make thinner sheath. And, as said above, the main function of sheath is to PROTECT the core. Do you really think a thin sheath can protect the rope enough? Will the rope be durable? Enough?

So this is not the way. Or: not the way we would like to go.

So again:
1) the core diameter - and thus also the core perimeter - is smaller; therefore:
2) we have to take away a piece of inner perimeter of sheath; but:
3) we want to keep the thickness of the sheath; and so:
4) we can not use thinner yarns.
5) huh?
6) and how about to TAKE AWAY A FEW YARNS??!!

It is so simple, isn't it?! So why did not anyone find it before?!
Well, maybe they just ... walk the well paved, known trails only.
The sheath is made of 48 yarns ...We are not like that, probably.

Well ...So: What are the ropes going to be like? What is so good on ROUTE 44 ropes?
Dynamic ropes braided using the ROUTE 44 technology are light, extremely durable, compact, but at the same time soft in touch and nice to handle.ROUTE 44 dynamic technology is undergoing tuning process and the dynamic ropes are now being cooked in our labs.(Almost hi-tech, right? Not just almost...
But still we are afraid that even with ROUTE 44, YOU are the one who has to climb. We can only give you rope. Okay, the best rope. But still it is on you. You climb.)

And static ropes?
Static ropes are already here!
You can buy them since fall 2001.
What are these like?

ROUTE 44 - static ropes

Do you need 10.5mm static rope?
Light, strong, durable ... sure.
But ROUTE 44 offers more than you would expect - given the diameter, weight and durability.
Static rope made with ROUTE 44 technology is more compact, softer, has stable diameter, and above all: it is far stronger than anything before.

Static ROUTE 44 is a rope for applications with high safety requirements. It is the strongest polyamide rope available in 10.5 mm - with respect to all requirements for modern static rope.

What exactly does ROUTE 44 give to static ropes:

  • the ropes are extremely strong for their diameter and weight (e.g. very thin and light for their tenacity)
  • the sheath thickness that gives high durability and long life is constant
  • optimal number of yarns in the sheath provides perfect knot ability; the rope is soft, but not "empty"

SINGING ROCK and ROUTE 44 are registered trademarks of Singing Rock. ROUTE 44 is patented technology of Singing Rock for braiding dynamic and static ropes.

ROUTE 44 - comparison
Performance comparison of Static R44 10.5 with static ropes 10.5mm available on the market 2001. Compared values are key factors in user's safety.
Note: rope performances of other 10.5mm's are taken from 2001 catalogues.Values tested according to EN 1891 Type A.

Breaking strength [kN]
Singing Rock Static R44 10.5 35.8
other static ropes 10.5mm 27.0 - 34.0

Knot breaking strength [kN]
Singing Rock Static R44 10.5 22.3
other static ropes 10.5mm 18.5 - 20.0

Elongation [%]
Singing Rock Static R44 10.5 3.4
other static ropes 10.5mm 3.5 - 3.9