PHARIO 360° / C2318YB00

Compact lightweight shock absorber with a swivel and elastic arms for via ferrata routes, rope courses and adventure parks.

  • new minimalist 27 mm wide shock absorber, stored in a compact package
  • stainless steel swivel eliminates tangling of the flexible arms
  • suitable for all users, children and adults weighing 40-120 kg (88 – 265 lb), who are bothered by the constant tangling of the elastic arms
  • ergonomically shaped Keylock PALM carabiners with wear indicator are easy to handle
  • central stitched loop for resting with the strength 12 kN
  • fall indicator label helps to detect if the shock absorber has already been activated and needs to be replaced
  • maximal length of the activated fall absorber is 210 cm
  • easy attachment to the harness with a 20 mm wide loop with twist
  • length of the set after attachment to the harness is 75 cm, with a maximum extension of 115 cm
  • durability of 20 mm wide elastic arms is tested on a cyclic device, the stretching and shrinking process is carried out at least 50,000 times
Weight485 g • 17 oz (incl. carabiners and swivel)
ce 1019 EN 958:2017 EN 12275 uiaa


PHARIO fall absorbers for your via ferrata experience


catalogue sheet PDF - 0,8 MB
instructions of use PDF - 1,2 MB
Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata, caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work at height and exploration are dangerous activities, which may lead to severe injury or even death. This the following is essential before use:
careful reading and understanding of the instructions for useacquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the productadequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of useunderstanding and acceptance of the risk involved
In case of doubt or problem of understanding, contact SINGING ROCK.