Ondra Mázl


Name: Ondra Mázl
Nickname: Oja, Žakár
Job: student
Year of birth: 2004
Climbing since: I was little
Country: Czechia

What do I enjoy about climbing?
when I climb a hard boulder

How did I start with climbing?
on the rock with my family

Other interests?
PC, snowboard, workout

Favourite climbing area?
Chironico, Magic Wood, Bor, Sněžník

The best achievements?


Joker 8B, Zlatý Drak 8B, Frodo Nakole 8B, Vyšší hra 8A+ 1st repeat, Růže z Jericha 8A, Rock of Master 8A, Mao Ce-Tung 8A, Mauzoleum 8A, Lítající Šuhajko 7C+ 1st repeat, King Kong 7C

Intercooler 8c PP, Raubritter 8c PP, New Orleans heavy 8c PP, Wüstenwind 9+/10- Flash (Frankenjura)

The most impressive climbing experience?

when I have climbed my first 8B

Plans for the future?
to climb a 8C+ boulder  and a 9c route

Climbing in 100 years?
hopefully the coronavirus will be gone and we it will be possible to climb everywhere

More info about me:
I like bouldering, rock climbing not very much, however if there is a nice route I am glad to go for it.
Instagram @ondramazl.

Ondra Mázl