Olga Fedyuk

Name: Olha Fedyuk 143392

Nickname: Olga
Job: climbing coach and route setter
Climbing since: 2010
Country: based in Portugal

What do I enjoy about climbing?
For me climbing is more than just sport. It brings with it an associated philosophy in which I´m lucky to know unknown places, cultivate new friendships, socialize with different cultures, share experiences and learn a lot.

How did I start with climbing?
I started with a school program where climbing was the sport that aroused my curiosity. After a month of practice at climbing gym (April 2010), I started in the world of competition. In February 2011 I started rock climbing and, since then, every weekend, holidays and vacations, I travel to different areas, mainly in Portugal and Spain, with this objective.

Other interests?
Training, reading, programming...

Favourite climbing area?
Margalef, Chulilla, La Hermida, Riglos, Naranjo…

The best achievements?
The most important title of my career was becoming a National Boulder Champion FPME for eight consecutive times.  My biggest achievements in sports climbing are: 8b redpoint, "Pangeia titanium"; maximum on sight 7c; maximum flash 7c +.
The mountain that I highlight in my career is the Naranjo de Bulnes where I climbed several routes on the west face. The most committed, for me, was the "Gizon Berri Bat Naiz" / "Soy un hombre nuevo" and "Murciana" routes.

Plans for the future?
Sending 8b +, 'Sonhos Picados, Sr. Do Salto. Revalidate the title of National Champion, participate in international competitions and improve my knowledge about training.

Climbing in 100 years?
In my opinion in rock climbing the level it will continue to rise. In the gym it will be totally different, separated sport, embracing more parkour and will have some dynamic holds (a lot of show off).

More info about me:
Instagram @olgafedyuk , Facebook @olgafedyuk ,

Olga Fedyuk