Markéta Janošová, Czech Republic


Markéta Janošová
Job: pupil
Year of birth:
Climbing since:

What do I enjoy about climbing? 
I like a diversity of movement, solving difficult situations and meeting people at competitions and on the rocks.

How did I start with climbing?
Ever since I was little I have gone to the rocks with my sporty parents . I have been enthused by climbing and now they go with me.

Other interests?
Skiing, athletics, gymnastics, swimming ...

Why do I take part in competitions?
At competitions I meet new friends with whom I can compare myself and also arrange rock climbing trips.

Favourite climbing area?
Kalymnos - there I can climb for a week in a row. Polish Jura - Ii is close and I meet Polish friends there, Margalef - wonderful climbing for us small.

The best achievements?
2018: 4th overall in European Youth Cup 2018, female youth B lead
          Hipnofotofilia 8b+, Góra Birów, Poland (first 8b+)
2017: My Dawn Wall, repeating of 32 routes in 8 days, including my first 7c OS
          My Dawn Wall 2.0, repeating of 32 routes in 8 days (grades 6a - 8a)
2016: first 8a RP, Jawne kurestwo
2015: first 7c+ PP, Chiński Maharadża
2015-2017: Petzen Climbing Trophy, 3x 2nd overall (speed, boulder, lead)
2013: Rock Junior, 2nd overall (speed, boulder, lead)

My the most impressive climbing experience?

I have a lot of experiences, but DWS with a 10m jump into the sea is probably the strongest.

Plans for the future?
I wish to participate in the Olympics, and win preferably. And to repeat the hardest climbing route in the world.

Climbing in 100 years?

If somebody invents a teleport, on the one hand, it will be great that we will not have to travel long to climbing areas. On the other hand, surely you will find someone who will teleport him/herself to the top.

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  • My Dawn Wall, Maki completed her 32 pitch "dawn wall" challenge during 8 days, Spain, March 2017

Markéta Janošová