Lucie Hrozová


Name: Lucie Hrozová
Nickname: Lucka
Job: project coordinator
Year of birth: 1988
Climbing since: 1997
Country: Czech Republic

What do I enjoy about climbing?
Waking up in the morning from a bivouac and falling asleep under millions of stars. Clipping the anchor at the top of a route, screwing ice screws into ice, sticking a hard move, and talking with my friends about climbing. Planning new climbing goals, and adventures. In short, the climbing world is spinning around ropes, carabinars, and aweing verticals...

How did I start climbing?
I started climbing when I was an eight-year-old girl, by the side and with the aid of my father, who was a great climber.

Other interests?
Beach volleyball, ski alpinism, reading books, spiritual education.

Why do I take part in competitions? 
Firstly so that I attract Chris Sharma's attention and he asks to marry me. Secondly so that I could fill in these fantastic questionnaires. ;)

Favourite climbing area?
Labaské údolí (Czech Rep.), Frankenjura (Germany), Kandersteg (Switzerland), Tatras, Alps...

The best achievements?
Prehistorik 8B/8B+
Conquistador 8B (video)
Temná hmota 8B (video)
Klondike Cat 11- (8c)
Digital crack 8a/+, one of the highest 8a in Europe (3800 m)
Saphira M15-, FA, 1st female M15- (video)
Mustang M14-
Ironman M14, 1st female ascent
Bafomet M14, 1st female ascent
Low G Man D14, 1st female ascent
Kamasutra D13+, 2nd female ascent
Law and Order M13+, 2nd female ascent
Pray for Power M13(+)
Illuminati M11+WI6, 2nd female ascent

1st place in mixed climbing competition at Ouray Ice Festival, Colorado, USA (2016)
1st place in the World Cup Ice climbing, difficulty climbing (2013)
2nd place in the World Cup Ice climbing, Russia (March 2012) difficulty climbing
2nd overall place in the World Cup Ice climbing, season 2010/2011
3rd place in the World Cup Ice climbing, South Korea (January 2012), France (February 2012)

My the most impressive climbing experience?
The moments of fear, anticipation, and uncertainty when an ice avalanche was falling towards my partner and me when descending Jedi Master.

An unplanned bivouac without proper equipment in -10°C during the end of our ascent of the north face of Mönch, feelings of gratitude for Maja who warmed my frostbitten fingers on her belly.

All of the great times that I've spent around cliffs and mountains, where I could be with my friends and partners.

Plans for the future?
Finally go to the dentist because I must have my tooth pulled out. Unpack a bunch of bags after moving. Fill in another questionnaires, which you boys sent me. And finally to continue living the wonderful adventures that I encounter while climbing in any shape or form, and to enjoy the sheer happiness that it provides me with.

Lucka Hrozová

Articles, videos and links about Lucka

  • Red Hot Tortilas 8A flash and 2 8B's, spring bouldering achievements, April 2021
  • Digital Crack on Mont Blanc, Lucka repeated the famous 8a on Aiguille du Midi, August 2019.
  • Ice climbing video from a session on the Rabenstein Ice Tower at Corvara, Italy, February 2019.
  • Saphira M15- - Lucka made the first ascent of Saphira, a mixed climb graded M15- at the The Fang Amphitheater in Vail, Colorado, USA, January 2016.
  • Lucka won in Ouray - Lucie was 1st at Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado, USA, January 2016.
  • Low G Man D14 - At the drytooling crag Bus del Quai di Iseo Lucie Hrozova has made the second repeat of Low G Man, the hardest total dry climb in Italy. February 2015.
  • Pray for Power M13(+) - a few pictures from Starzlachklamm, Germany, from one of the most difficuilt drytool route. February 2014.
  • Bafomet M14 - Lucie repeated Bafomet M14 in Tatra Mountains (Poland). It's the first female ascent on this route and fourth in order. February 2014.
  • Lucka again on the winners' podium - 3rd place in the World Cup in ice climbing in Kirov, Russia, overall 4th place in the World Cup in ice climbing, season 2012/2013.
  • World Cup Ice Climbing winner - Lucka won the first ever gold for the Czech Republic in difficulty climbing in ice climbing, Busteni, Romania!
  • Ironman M14 - Lucka is the first woman in the world to climb the hardest dry-tooling route in the world! February 2013. (interview with Lucka on EpicTV)
  • Spiderman M13, Superman M13+ - Lucka Hrozová's dry-tooling blast; only the third one is left – Ironman M14.
  • Mountaineer of the year 2012 - Lucka and Míra Matějec won the 3rd place for climbing the Illuminati route.
  • Ascent of the year 2012 - Lucka and Míra Matějec won prize Ascent of the year in the Ice climbing and dry-tooling category for climbing Illuminati M11+, WI6+.
  • Illuminati M11+ WI6+ - Lucka was the second woman in the world to climb a recognized route M11+ WI6+ in the Italian Dolomites, all pitches OS! February 2012.