Koen Baekelandt, Belgium


Koen Baekelandt
Job: student
Year of birth:
Climbing since:

What do I enjoy about climbing?   
Spending time in the nature and having fun with friends. Just wake up and to think: hmm what will I do today; resting or climbing... this route of this boulder...?
I like to train in the gym with having trips to the rocks in mind.

How did I start with climbing?
There’s a little climbing gym in Kortrijk where my brother used to climb. One day he took me there and
I really liked it. Soon it became my passion.

Why do I take part in competitions?
I like the experience and it’s a good way to learn and improve the technical aspect. For me, performance doesn’t matter so much but winning is always cool!

The most favorite crag?
Freyr, Rodellar, Gorges du Tarn...   

The best achievements?
Ixeia8b+ (Rodellar), Manureva par gauche8b+ (Gorges du Tarn), Gladiator 8b (Rodellar),
La Kanabica 8b

Plans for the future?
After this schoolyear I take one year off: 3 month climbing trip with girlfriend to Spain and France
followed by 2 months South Africa. But first working to earn money.

Climbing in 100 years? Your idea?

I think it will be part of the Olympic Games. Further there will come a new generation that will take
climbing grades to the next and higher level.

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Koen Baekelandt