Jan Zahula

Name: Jan Zahula 143425
Nickname: Gula
Job: Mountain Guide UIAGM, Photographer, Software Developer
Climbing since: 2002

What do you enjoy about climbing?
You don’t have to be a world champion to enjoy your personal, objectively meaningless achievements.

How did you start with climbing?
I wanted to discover the sandstone towers of Bohemian Paradise.

Other interests?
Photography, skiing, biking, travelling

Favourite climbing area?

The best achievements?
Normal route of the Eiger north face and some other alpine north faces.

My the most impressive climbing experience?
The best thing about alpine climbing is that feeling when you get back to car, take off the boots and enjoy the moment when you don’t have to do anything.

Plans for the future?
Keep up with my personal mountaineering ambitions despite being a mountain guide.

Climbing in 100 years?
I hope it won’t change much.

More info about me:

Jan Zahula