The list of selected EN standards for mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height which our products fullfil.

EN 354 EN 354

PPE against falls from a height
Connecting equipment max. length 2 m (incl. connectors)

EN 361 EN 361PPE against falls from a height
Full body harnesses
EN 362 EN 362PPE against falls from a height
EN 388 EN 388Protection gloves against mechanical risks
EN 564 EN 564Mountaineering equipment
Accessory cords
EN 566 EN 566Mountaineering equipment
EN 567 EN 567Mountaineering equipment
Rope clamps
EN 569 EN 569Mountaineering equipment
EN 813 EN 813PPE against falls from a height
Sit harnesses
EN 892 EN 892Mountaineering equipment
Dynamic (strech) ropes
EN 893 EN 893Mountaineering equipment
EN 958 EN 958Mountaineering equipment
Energy absorbing systems for use in via ferrata (klettersteig) climbing
EN 959 EN 959Mountaineering equipment
Rock anchors
EN 1891 EN 1891PPE against falls from a height
Low stretch kernmantel ropes
EN 12275 EN 12275Mountaineering equipment
EN 12277 EN 12277Mountaineering equipment
EN 12278 EN 12278Mountaineering equipment
EN 12492 EN 12492Mountaineering equipment
Helmets for mountaineers
EN 12841 EN 12841

PPE against falls from a height
Descender device for rope access system and rope adjustment devices

EN 13089 EN 13089Mountaineering equipment
Ice tools
EN 15151 EN 15151Mountaineering equipment
Braking devices