Carlo Enrico Gallavresi


Name: Carlo Enrico Gallavresi
Nickname: Ciacci
Job: Employer in financial company and 100% Alpinist
Climbing since: 2016
Country: Italy

SINGING ROCK athlete and supports since 2023; hope to bring my climbing expertise to these amazing company in order to promote their products and giving advice in order to improve actual equipment’s.

Other interests?
Climbing, Backcountry skiing, Alpinism and running.

My favourite climbing area?
Grignetta (Lecco)

The most significant ascents?
I’m training up to complete all the 6 popular north faces of the Alps; at the moment I have climbed Via Cassin on the north face of Piz Badile and I’m waiting for the best conditions in order to achieve the other 5 ones.

Always trying to push myself to the limit improving my technical skills but also, most importantly, my safety skills. I like, in the future, to become Mountain Guide and i’m training for achieving this goal.

What will (in your opinion) climbing look like in 100 years?
Hope that climbing will not lose his adventure meaning that is something that is very important. For sure technology will improve climbing in all it’s area with new gears and advanced equipment’s

Your strongest climbing experience?
All of them are different and intence. Hard to say!

More info about me:
On my Instagram account: @carloenricogallavresi

Carlo Enrico Gallavresi