Alex Txikon


Name: Alex Txikon
Nickname: Alex
Job: profesional climber
Year of birth: 1981
Climbing since: 1985
Country: Spain

What do you enjoy about climbing?
Since I was a teenager I have been in love with the mountains, with the nature and each of those few places where the man has not yet passed. As gravity attracts our bodies without making any difference, the same force attracts me to those peaks, so high that when you are up there, you realize that you still haven’t really reached the top, until you’re back down.

How did you begin with climbing?
One of my brothers got me into mountaineering almost as soon as I could walk, when I was less than three years old I climbed Gorbea in the Basque Country.

The most valuable climbs?
2012: 9 March, first world ascent of the GASHERBRUM SOUTH (7.109 m).
2013: first world winter ascent of LAILA PEAK (6.096 m), third absolute ascent.
2016: 26 February, first world winter ascent of NANGA PARBAT (8.126 m).
2018: 20 January, first world winter repeat on PUMORI (7.161 m).
2020: 25 January, winter ascent of AMA DABLAM (6.812 m).
2022: 6 January, first world winter ascent of MANASLU (8.163 m) the expedition was done completely in winter (after the beginning of the astronomical winter)

Plans for the future?
I feel I can go on with my project: I’m strong enough to do it and you give me your support to get up when I fall. And as I always say, I am who I am because all people supporting me. You make it possible I go on carrying my backpack

More info about me:
Facebook: alextxikon
Instagram: @alextxikon

Alex Txikon

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