Veronika, Tomáš a Blanka

Let us introduce you other three members of our Singing Rock crew, this time from the production plant in the town of Semily. Actually, they will introduce themselves to you in their own words. They are two ladies under whose hands, for example, complex working harnesses are born, and a master mechanic without whom sewing machines and perhaps even our planet would not be turning.

Veronika Hajná

167037Wow! I've been working at Singing Rock for 24 years... At that time, one of the founders (Pavel Končinský) was our neighbour. Since I was a child I played on my grandmother's sewing machine and I enjoy working with my hands, plus I don't have to commute and I have free working hours. What I enjoy most is sewing the complex badass Arbo Master harnesses. About 60 pieces pass under my hands every month, from the first strength stitch to the last hem! I organize the whole job myself, so there's no room for boredom :)

167038I love Jizera Mountains, Lusatian Mountains, Giant Mountains, just mountains! On foot or by bike, on snowshoes or with crampons... This year I have even bought a via ferrata set and I can discover the world from a different perspective again. The heights, the views, the rocks - it's love!

Tomáš Řehák

167149This is my seventh summer working at SR as a mechanic, so I'm relatively new here. My biggest hobby is Jawa vintage motorcycles and travelling by them around the Czech Republic and abroad.

With vintage vehicles, I admire their simplicity and functionality. This has met beautifully with my job, the sewing machines in Singing Rock are often museum pieces already! Some repairs require honed skills and ingenuity, plus when you have forty impatient seamstresses waiting at the door you have the best motivation! :) 

Blanka Havrdová

167151I started at SR right after high school, it' s been 23 years! I'm a sewing workshop forewoman and a specialist for complex projects. I spend a lot of time making samples or problematic products, mostly in the area of working harnesses. I work closely with developers, I'm just a technical type. When we introduce a new product, I make sure that the production process is ok. In short, I know how to do things right! :)
I like to take a break from work by painting, baking cakes or most of all by fishing


Veronika, Tomáš, Blanka

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