Veronika Hajná

167502Wow! I've been working at Singing Rock for 24 years... At that time, one of the founders (Pavel Končinský) was our neighbour. Since I was a child I played on my grandmother's sewing machine and I enjoy working with my hands, plus I don't have to commute and I have free working hours. What I enjoy most is sewing the complex badass Arbo Master harnesses. About 60 pieces pass under my hands every month, from the first strength stitch to the last hem! I organize the whole job myself, so there's no room for boredom :)

167503I love Jizera Mountains, Lusatian Mountains, Giant Mountains, just mountains! On foot or by bike, on snowshoes or with crampons... This year I have even bought a via ferrata set and I can discover the world from a different perspective again. The heights, the views, the rocks - it's love!

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