Radka and Petra, the Kočárek sisters

167497Radka: "I found myself standing in front of the SINGING ROCK gates about 26 years ago. Thanks to that I have seen the world, mountains and rocks. And despite some occasional drudgery, my job is interesting and varied. But most of all, there is a great team here!
A lot has changed and moved on in almost 30 years. Apart from the early days with backpacks (and there were some), I've probably spent the most time with the Attack and Zenith sport harnesses. Those hours could be counted in the thousands...
I'm a girl from Giant Mountains at heart and soul, and going (or running) up a hill is always a great experience for me, in any season"

167498In SINGING ROCK "Raduza" is considered a reliable, smiling hard worker always willing to help.
She is one of our original core employees who share the same passion for our work and who not only worked manually, but also invented and co-created the company culture after hours. She is simply an integral part of the Singing Rock company, like... like Attack! :)

167499Petra is a great athlete whose sewing machine has metamorphosed into a Spartan race medal rack :)). But she is just as consistent and efficient when it comes to working in the sewing workshop. For example, 700 beautiful purple Rocket harnesses have passed under her hands in the last two years :)
Apart from running, Petra is also a firefighter, she rides a bike, skates, rides horses – in short, she loves movement, freedom and friends - and that's what working in SINGING ROCK is all about for her :)

Radka and Petra were followed to SINGING ROCK by their sister Šárka whom we will introduce to you maybe some other time.

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