Petr Medek

168613During his 28 years at SR, Petr has experienced the entire evolution of the company and professionally he has gone through a "movie-like" path: from worker to production manager, in two plants. Peter has always been active beyond his job description and has a great contribution to today's processes within SR. He came up with the first proposals for technological procedures which he also designed graphically. He participated in the organization and in the return of the sewing workshop to the premises in Semily where he also created the first very efficient production cells. Currently, he coordinates 90 people in production (often mothers whose absence comes suddenly) with the production of a thousand and one products, so that everything comes out in the required quality and on time. Without Peter, it would simply be difficult!

168614His long-time hobby is everything about airplanes and flying, including parachuting. He has already made 10 jumps.

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