Milan Koncoš

167808A newcomer in our metal fabrication plant in Sudkov, he has only been with us for a year and a half. Milan got to know the work in an authority, in an office and in workshops in larger companies but he settled in our manufactory where the main theme is climbing gear. He does a lot of that "black" work like locksmithing and blacksmithing. For example, he bends rings or hanger plates by hand - just try it!

167809With his long blonde hair and face perpetually black with graphite, he resembles a fallen rock angel, which fits well with his musician and art soul. He performs in the theatre, plays and teaches guitar and keyboard, writes short stories and avidly searches for mushrooms. Milan is a bit of a solitaire but he feels at home at Singing Rock and that makes us very happy. His willingness to learn new things is a blessing for us!

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