Marta Mendřická
Graphic Designer

143010Name: Marta Mendřická

Position: Graphic Designer
Working at Singing Rock since: 2018

What do you like at Singing Rock?
Diversity of my work, I do something different every day, so I don't just get bored. Opportunity to learn and try new things. And most importantly, there is a great team.

What do you like about climbing?
I enjoy the Austrian and Italian via ferrata with the lake views.

What are your other hobbies?
Yoga, hardening, hiking, mountain photography and photo editing, barbecues with my friends, wine tasting.

Describe your perfect day.
In the morning, have a yoga and breakfast in the garden, then go hiking in the mountains with a group of my friends, drink a tea from a thermos at sunset, fall asleep in a sleeping bag and wake up with a sunrise overlooking the Giant Mountains.

Your motto?
Less things, more experiences.

Marta Mendřická