Jaroslav Keprt
Production Manager


Name: Jaroslav Keprt
Position: Production Manager
At Singing Rock since: 2014

What do you like at Singing Rock?
Colleagues and friends, products, human and fair approach and overall vibe around climbing and working at heights.

What do you like about climbing?
I am one of the so-called gravitationally disadvantaged (non)climbers. Professionally speaking, the mass of my body many times exceeds the available force needed to push the mass anywhere where there are no stairs. Climbing is great, I'm a perpetual beginner at it, so at least I like being part of the community and trying to show its beauty to my kids.

What are your other hobbies?
The winged "nine crafts, ten miseries" applies to my hobbies. First and foremost is probably the cultural mix of film-music-book, where I can't imagine living without music, I love going to festivals and concerts, I love to read, including comics, and I organize a local film festival of global significance. I like mountains, board games, animals, the Jesen√≠ky Mountains, computer games, my family, Scotch whisky and bubble tea (real tea, not the crap our kids drink ūüėä). .

Describe your perfect day?

Your motto?
It gets worse.... in a purely positive sense. Be able to enjoy the little things, don't magnify the crap and be happy while you can!

Jaroslav Keprt