Jan Zámečník

169066I have been turning the marketing helm at SINGING ROCK for 12 years. Or rather, for the first few years I soaped the floor below deck and absorbed the great atmosphere of a truly climbing company and gradually I worked my way up to the position of marketing captain. Every year brings something new and special, so that's why I still enjoy it... My main hobby is my job and my job is my hobby, so I shouldn't complain at all... Well, although the work is getting more and more lately, at the expense of the hobby... :))
What I enjoy the most is when we have a really great product that we support with nice marketing and we get great feedback. Recently it has been the Serac harness and long term, for example, the Penta climbing helmet.

169067Climbing was, is and hopefully will remain the hobby number one. I don't really care if I go to the boulders, sandstone or sport routes, the main thing is that I'm moving and keeping my difficulty level. I like it best in the mountains (multipitches, alpine climbs) but there's not much of this kind of climbing with the family. From time to time I add a bike ride and in winter I enjoy ski touring.

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