Events and Projects

SINGING ROCK has supported and is supporting many events, competitions, expeditions and other projects. It is impossible to list them all, so we will introduce at least the main ones.

MHFF Teplice nad Metují

The International Mountaineering Film Festival, or Fesťák in czech slang, which takes place every year at the end of August in Teplice nad Metují, is one of the most important socio-cultural events of the climbing and outdoor community in the Czech Republic. We simply cannot miss it. For many years we have been one of the partners supporting the festival and we are also actively involved in its accompanying program. Among other things, we organize climbing competitions for the public, the traditional crack climbing workshop or popular autograph sessions of Singing Rock climbers, including Lucka Hrozová, Jan Trávníček, Dušan "Stoupa" Janák or the Stráník brothers. There is a lot to write about Fesťák, but the best thing is to experience it for yourself. Come next time, we'll meet you there!

THT James

We are a long-time partner of the Traditional Mountaineering Week (in Slovak tradičný horolezecký týždeň = THT), which is held annually in the Tatras by the Slovak Mountaineering Association JAMES. During this meeting, anniversaries are celebrated, awards are presented or lectures are given by guests from Slovakia or abroad. In the past years we have participated in the accompanying programme. We have organized climbing or strength competitions, supported open-air bouldering competitions and regularly donate prizes for the competition for the best climb made during the THT. Let's see what we come up with for next time.

Rock Area Management

Singing Rock cooperates closely with the Czech Mountaineering Association (ČHS), which creates suitable conditions for rock climbing in the Czech Republic. The ČHS takes care of selected rock areas, negotiates climbing permits with nature protection authorities and landowners, supervises compliance with climbing rules and conditions, registers climbing areas and routes, conducts belay training and, if possible, carries out random inspections and maintenance of belays. Singing Rock supplies the anchor points and other climbing material which the ČHS offers to the managers of rock areas for the maintenance of crags and to first ascenders for new routes. An example project is the gear replacement of the Krkavka climbing area near Semily.



It started in 2007, when HO Matahari climbng club approached us about working with blind climber Jan Říha and other blind climbers who were active in this club. And from one event it became a tradition of an annual meeting for people with different disabilities. These people do not have it easy in their life and they are not afraid to try rock climbing, rappelling and other rope activities. In cooperation with the UIAGM mountain guides, we always prepare climbing activities for the whole weekend, ending with a nice sitting and meeting with diverse people. The people and locations change, but the idea remains the same: To give disabled people time and show them through climbing that they can overcome the obstacles that come up in their way.


Pojď dál Festival

For a long time we have been providing part of the accompanying programme of the one-day festival, which is organised annually by the music band The Tap Tap, the registered association TAP and the Jedlička Institute. The cooperation began with the idea of Šimon Ornest, the spiritual father of the festival, to rappel with a wheelchair from the roof of the Prague Congress Centre. We succeeded, but we wanted to go higher. To rappel from the Nusle Bridge. For years we were unable to get permission from the Prague City Hall, but this obstacle fell after some time and in 2014 we organized the first ever rappelling from the Nusle Bridge. It enjoyed great media and spectator interest and thanks to this, rappelling on a wheelchair became a tradition of the festival. And in 2022 we managed to reach even higher. Due to the revitalisation of Folimanka Park, rappelling from the Nusle Bridge was not possible, but instead we managed to arrange a wheelchair rappel from the Žižkov Tower. Once again we have set the bar high and we will see where we can get next



The "reality show" Lioness was created to help disabled women cope with their lives, pick their heads up and move on with confidence. This project gives the participants the space to show that despite their disability, or because of it, they are truly Lionesses. Singing Rock joined this reality show in one of the previous years by implementing one of the challenges they had to face. At the Kladno climbing wall they had the opportunity to deal with their fear of heights and at the POLYGON Singing Rock they had the chance to try what it is like to work at heights. The Lionesses can look forward to the next challenge soon.

European Tree Climbing Championship

The European Tree Climbing Championship (ETCC) is not only a competitive event for arborists, but also an educational meeting. This prestigious event is an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn about other climbing techniques and working methods or to get acquainted with new equipment on the market. The ETCC gives positive visibility to the arboricultural profession on the European continent and also develops contacts between ISA members, its European branches, affiliated organisations and other companies in the field. Singing Rock is one of the partners of the championship every year and allows interested people to test the tree climbing equipment from our production during the event.


Czech team at Grimpday

Grimpday is an international competition that brings together rescue teams from all over the world (firefighters, civil defence, military and police). The event takes place in and around Namur, Belgium. The competition teams perform tasks related to search and rescue in a dangerous area. Thanks to its professional level, Grimpday has become a renowned name in the world of rescue using rope techniques.  Singing Rock is involved in this event in cooperation with Czech firefighters. We support them in training, material and personal involvement of trainers from the Polygon team.

Czech team at Rescue Great Day

Rescue Great Day is a team race of rescuers held in Seville, Spain. It was created in order to gain new knowledge and exchange experiences between the different forces involved in rescue using rope access techniques. Professional squads and non-professional teams from Spain and abroad take part in the competition. Singing Rock is involved in this international meeting in collaboration with Czech railway firefighters. The Czech team is again supported in training, materially but also by the personal involvement of trainers from Polygon.