Daniel Černý
Sales Manager for Czechia (work)


Name: Daniel Černý
Position: Sales Manager for Czechia and Slovakia (work)
At Singing Rock since: 2016

What do you like at Singing Rock?
The job at Singing Rock has made my dream come true. It allows me to mix my hobby with work, furthermore with a bunch of easy going people on the same wave.

What do you like about climbing?
I started climbing recently, it is a big challenge for me, it commands respect. For me climbing is the continuous overcoming of limits connected with beatiful views, euphoria and with the joy of overcoming myself.

What are your other hobbies?
mountain bike, ski touring, hiking, skiing, travelling with a vw camper bus, off-roading with a Russian Niva, whitewater, climbing

Describe your perfect day. 
I imagine a perfect day in a beautiful nature, in motion, ideally in the mountains and with easy going people.

Your motto?
When you reach the limit, push harder!