Tomáš Plevko


Tomáš Plevko
Job: student
Year of birth:
Climbing since:

What do I enjoy about climbing? 
I found the beauty of movement and stay in nature near rocks the most exciting.

How did I start with climbing?
My father used to climb and when my brother stared, I joined them.

Other interests?
None at the moment.

Why do I take part in competitions?
It brings me joy from victory.

Favourite climbing area?
I don’t have any in particular.

The best achievements?
Ingravids Eskerps 8c, Santa Linya, Spain
Rolito Sharma ext. 8c, Santa Linya, Spain
Muy Verdes 8c, Flatanger, Norway
Talk is cheap 8c, Osp-Mišja Peč, Slovenia
Kobra 8b+/c, Visnove, Slovakia
14th place on the world championship in Saanich 2013

My the most impressive climbing experience?

My stay with Adam Ondra in Spain and the possibility to climb with Edu Marin, Patxi Usobiaga and others and meeting with Chris Sharma.

Plans for the future?
Being better.

Climbing in 100 years?

I don’t know.

More info about me:
My life philosophy is to live without caring too much.                                                        [updated: 01/2019]

Articles, videos and links about Tomáš

  • Talk is cheap, photos and videos from the 8c route situated at Osp-Mišja Peč, Slovenia, March 2017

Tomáš Plevko