Special Trainings

103255Rope parks 103265

For personnel of rope centres and parks and for organizations providing leisure time activities.

  • target objects of operation: rope parks, rope centres

103256Evacuation from cable railways

For personnel of cable railways and the Integrated Rescue System (IRS).

  • target objects of operation: chair and gondola cable railways

103257Training of PPE inspection technicians

Training of persons qualified for periodic inspection of personal protective equipment against falls from heights according to CSN EN 365 standard.

  • target groups: users, sellers, OHS technicians, supervisors and instructors of emergency services of IRS, methodologists, operators of rope parks, operators of climbing walls and more

103258PPE product training 103264

SINGING ROCK product training which also includes testing and demonstrations of using of PPE from our production.

  • target groups: PPE users, sellers, persons responsible for selecting PPE for their employees

103259Training Client

training for work at height and above depth according to the client's wishes, in which elements of all the classes can combine.

  • target objects of operation: according to the client's needs

103260Retraining course Specialist for work at height

For workers and job seekers who will carry out work at height or periodic inspections of PPE against falls from heights in their occupation. An international IRATA Level 1 training is also one part of the course. (This course is accredited by the Ministry of Education.)

  • target objects of operation: roofs, frame constructions, poles, ladders, industrial halls (machines, moulds, loaders, constructions), elevated surfaces, shelves, scaffolding, stage constructions, cranes,
    sewerage, chimneys, tall buildings, silos, difficult access areas, etc.

104850Test Day

Special workshop aimed at testing of new, used and damaged PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) against falls from height.

  • target groups: the workshop is primarily intended for “inspection technicians“ who have Training of PPE Inspection on the next day, but everybody who is interested in equipment for work at height, rescue, climbing and other vertical activities is welcome

  • for more information about special trainings please contact our POLYGON Team