SINGING ROCK Climbing Team

SINGING ROCK is climbing! The Singing Rock Climbing Team has climbed hundreds of kilometers, as well as fallen down hundreds of times. Thanks to our athletes we can test our products in real conditions before we start to produce and sell them. So before you get the harness, rope, ice axe or carabiner from us it has to go through hell and back... Supported by a team of top climbers and mountaineers we are able to test and improve our products, developing functional as well as high quality climbing equipment.

Sport climbing

Jessica "Jessy" Pilz 135892

I like to train, I like the process and the challenge to get better and I enjoy travelling around the world with the team. Moreover, the climbing community is really special and I like the atmosphere on comps.

Carlos "Citro" Logroño 106488

The best achievements?
For me, all ascents are important, all of them mark you and all bring you something...
My motto is: My successes are built on mountains of failures!

Felipe Camargo 106486

How did I begin climbing?
I climbed for the first time in a kids party little wall...after that me and my older brother found out that there was a gym in our city and started climbing! I still train everyday on this same gym that “changed” my life! :) 

Koen Baekelandt 106485

How did I begin climbing?
There’s a little climbing gym in Kortrijk where my brother used to climb. One day he took me there and I really liked it. Soon it became my passion.


Luboš Mázl 106487

What do I like about climbing?
Overcoming problems created mainly by nature.


Jitka Mázlová 106487

Climbing in 100 years?
I have little fear in what condition will be rocks, we must be happy for what we have now.

Monika "Momo" Kuhn-Gáberová 106487

Ondra Mázl 106487

Markéta Janošová 106487

Plans for the future?
I wish to participate in the Olympics, and win preferably. And to repeat the hardest climbing route in the world.

Petr Kliger 106487

Your strongest climbing experience?
When I was leading my first route on the sandstone. I was missing 15 cm to the ring (bolt) and that was crazy. But at the top I was happy…

Tomáš Plevko 106490

How did I start with climbing?
My father used to climb and when my brother stared, I joined them.

Mountaineering / Big Wall


Dušan "Stoupa" Janák 106487

Future of climbing?
It is known that the future of climbing lies in grips to hold;
besides, disciplines will differentiate in a larger scale, masses
will participate, and after introducing among Olympic sports a subsequent decline will come...

Pavel "Bača" Vrtík 106487

The greatest experience in climbing?
Every sunrise after a tough bivouac.

Honza "Tráva" Trávníček 106487

Climbing in 100 years?
Climbing will go forward still. Somewhere should be some limits, but we don´t know where it is yet… if there will be anybody interested in....
Sebastian Muñoz 127398

Climbing in 100 years?
Big wall on the Moon.

Ice climbing & Drytooling


Lucka Hrozová 106487
The whole climbing world, from waking up in a bivouac to falling asleep under millions of stars. Clipping of the top quickdraw, driving a screw in the ice, managing a difficult step, chat with friends about climbing, planning new climbing aims, simply the whole world around ropes, carabiners and amazing verticals... That´s what I like about climbing.


Mirek Matějec 106487

Drytooling and mixed climbing are climbing fields I enjoy the most. But I try to be versatile, from bouldering, sports routes, sandstone to multi-pitch routes in the mountains to ice climbing. There is something into all of them, just not enough time for everything.



Martin Stráník 106487

What do you enjoy about climbing?
I love the movement, its complexity, when you have to use all your body.


Štěpán Stráník 106487

What do I like about climbing?
Everything: I have met a lot of great people... fun, entertainment, emotions, effort to squeeze-out my best...



Antonín Volk 106482

My strongest climbing experience?
An opened carabine without lock to which I was tied. It was quite a chase up there then. Thanks, boys!

Vít Novák 106482

Areas in South Bohemia are my climbing homeland. In 2005-2007 I attend courses for UIAGM mountain guides.

SINGING ROCK Climbing Team