Petr Kliger, Czech Republic


Petr Kliger
Job: student
Year of birth: 1998
Climbing since: 2003

What do I enjoy about climbing?

Simply everything, when I climb, I feel good.

Why do I take part in competitions?
For a fun, for a training on the rocks, I meet there a lot of friends.

Other interests?
skiing, MTB, soccer, chest

Favourite climbing area?
Adršpach (Czech Republic)

The best climbs and results:


Czech Youth Champion in Difficulty Climbing


Czech Youth Champion in Difficulty Climbing
2nd place in Czech Cup
semi-final at Junior World Championship in Canada
13th place at European Cup in Norway
Slip Bouze 8a+ (St. Leger Du Ventoux, France), Ludvig 7c (Jossingfjord, Norway)
and some 7b in these resorts


info will be added


2nd place - Hudy Czech Youth Cup in Lead
14th place - Youth Color Climbing Festival, Imst, Austria
7th place - Petzen Climbing Trophy (boulder 12th, speed 8th, difficulty 7th), Austria
21st place - Rock Junior (boulder 7th, speed 23rd, difficulty 27th), Arco, Italy
3rd place - Sächsische Meisterschaft, Dresden, Germany

Arco (Italy): Massone: Action direkt 6c+ OS, I like gorba 6c OS; Nago:Kira 7a+ OS, Nevermore 6c+ OS; Val D´Algone: Asia 7a OS, Ayutthaya 6b+ OS
Súlov (Slovakia):Odysea 7 RP
Adršpach – Křížový vrch (Czech Republic): Blejskání na časy VIIc RP (on Ovečka), Matematická rozcvička VIIIa RP (on Čtyřhran)


Czech Youth Champion in Difficulty Climbing
2nd place in Czech Youth Cup in Difficulty Climbing
3rd place at Sächsische Meisterschaft, Dresden, Germany

sandstone: (Adršpach – Křížový vrch, Czech Republic): Šach mat VIIIb on Vyhlídková placka RP, Kákofon VIIb on Podsvětí RP, Horolezecká sedmička VIIc on Na šancích RP, Vzpomínková VIIb on Čtyřhran OS, Bohemians VIIb on Květnová RP, Údolní VIIb on Eskymák OS; Matamza VIIb on Ovčák, Křížový Kukučkin VIIIb and Krajková VIIIa on Křížový král, Direttisima VIIc on Eskymák
sandstone: (Suché skály, Czech Republic): On Sokolí věž: Sloní plotýnka VIIc OS, Žlutá stěna VIIc OS, Soliter VIIb OS
limestone: (Arco – Nago, Italy): Catu Zulú 6b+ OS, Phanton 6b+ OS


Czech Youth Champion in Speed Climbing

3rd place at Sächsische Meisterschaft, Dresden, Germany

Plans for the future?
participate in international competitions in lead
retain the title Czech Champion
win Czech Cup
gain valuable rock climbs

Climbing 100 years later? How is it going to look like?
One spiderman next to each other.

My the strongest climbing experience?
When I was leading my first route on the sandstone. I was missing 15 cm to the ring (bolt) and that was crazy. But at the top I was happy…

Petr Kliger

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