Mirek Matějec

100531Name: Mirek Matějec

Nickname: Míra, Horomírek

Climbing since: 2000

Year of birth: 1985

Job: Singing Rock R&D

Why do you like climbing?
Drytooling and mixed climbing are climbing fields I enjoy the most. But I try to be versatile, from bouldering, sports routes, sandstone to multi-pitch routes in the mountains to ice climbing. There is something into all of them, just not enough time for everything.

How did you begin climbing?:
Climbing with ice axes took the right direction about four years ago. Back then I got to know what mixed climbing is and started gaining experience from the most competent ones – Jitka Mázlová and Luboš Mázl. I got hooked and winter after winter I have been trying to improve.

Why do you compete?:
This has been the third season that I take part at least in some World Cup events in ice climbing. The best result has been the 9th place at the World Cup in Romania in 2012. And the 18th place from the last World Championship in South Korea is also a nice result.

The best achievements?:

Sometimes I manage to climb a hard drytooling or mixed route. The most valuable routes are mainly Ironman M14 and Law and Order M13(+), which are among the hardest ones in the world. Moreover, Fench Connection D15-, Pray for Power M13(+), Figure 443 M13, Superman M13+, Fear and Loathing M12, Big city life M12 and the hardest route at my home Krkavka, Mutant M12.

Together with Lucka Hrozová we also managed to climb the globally recognized multi-pitch mixed route Illuminati M11+, WI6, 165m.

In the Alps I reached approximately 11 4000-m peaks but mainly via rather easy routes with my family or friends.

Plans for the future?:
In addition to carrying on drytooling and participating in the World Cup I would like to shift from sports mixed climbing to a more classic mixed and ice routes in the mountains, where I still have a lot to learn.

Links, videos and articles about Míra:

  • Fench Connection D15-, Míra climbed the D15- route at Tommorov´s World, Italy, March 2016
  • Grandes Jorasses, Walker spur, Cassin Route, Míra and his colleagues from Singing Rock R&D team repeated Cassin Route, July 2015.
  • Ironman M14 (in Czech language), Míra sent the hardest drytooling route on the world! March 2013
  • Climber of the year 2012 (in Czech language), Míra and Lucka Hrozová got the 3rd place in the competion Climber of the year 2012
  • Ascent of the year 2012 (in Czech language), Míra and Lucka Hrozová won the category ice climbing and drytooling by their ascent Illuminati M11+, WI6+. Míra also got the honourable mention for his ascent on Law and Order M13+.
  • Law and Order M13+, Míra sent well knowen mixed route Law and Order M13+
  • Illuminati M11+, WI6+, Míra and Lucka Hrozová repeated well knowen rout Illuminati M11+, WI6+
  • Ice Climbing World Cup, Busteni, Romania, Míra finished in top ten at Ice Climbing World Cup, lead climbing

Mirek Matějec