Jitka Mázlová

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Jitka Mázlová
Nickname: Jíťa, Jitrnice
Job: Zdravotní sestra
Date of birth: 1970
Climb since: 1988

What do you enjoy about climbing?
Other hobbies: now only family,on anything else I dont have time thanks to work, but sometimes cross-country skiing, swiming or baking
Why competition?: I like it, I think that Im competitive person,but I still fighting with nervousness     
The most favorite crag:
Labák, Teplice, Krkavka

The best achievments:
Big Wall VIIIc Labák
Těžká karta  XIa  Teplice
Francouzský styl XIa  Panteon
Krok sun oposun Xc   Ádr
Tsunami  Xb  Teplice
Dobří holubi se vracejí Xb Teplice                
Černá zmije Xb   Labák
Nemocná můza  Xb  Ostaš

Tlustá Berta  7C Petrohrad
Ping pong     7C  Chironico
Futur Line   7C  Ostaš

Open End M11    Dryland
Šmoulí tanec   M11  Starzlachklam 2.přelez

Central mountains: Galadrela 8- OS   Ratikon(14 longs)

My harness:  Verdict
My rope:   Mania

If you`re healthy, you can do plans. Limb, boler, mix until it goes

Climbing by 100 year? your idea?
I have little fear in what stage will be mountains, we must be happy for what we have now.

Your the strongest (the most impressive) climbing experience?
There are definitely more, everyone is a little diferent. There is more aspec like moral, difficult, cold, etc. (list of previus trips). I would like to added Dlouhý kout in Ádr and Ďábelskou omáčku in Labák. Diferent kind of intense experiences associated with the climb is injuries an especially those whats happened to my husband.

Race drytool Brno  MČR:
difficultness 3.placeSpeed  2.place

Tlustá Berta  7C
Raněný superman dir. 7C
Pink-pong 7C7x 7B+,  11x 7B  (1x flash)
1.place women – in chat of bouldering on www.lezec.cz ( 24.p)
Boulder race on natural stounes:
Petrohradské padání 3.place (First in ČR)
Nemocná můza Xb  Ostaš
Vertikální pokušení  Xb 
LabákUtopie     Xb
Výlety do snů  Xa
Anti domino   Xa
Bojím bojím    Xa 

Mixy a drytooling

Mix: Dryland, Innsbruk
FONTOK M10- (last year M11-), with heel spikes.
The route runs through a 45° overhanging rock and two roofs. The exit is either into an icicle, or if missing, then to an unpleasant force “friction” technique climbing.

Teplické skály
Tsunami Xb
This line requires not only an exquisite technique, strength in fingers, but also a great courage needed at the start and the final part of the route.

Horká čára Xb PP
Zákaz kouření IXc OS
Hop nebo trop Xa PP
Biorytmus IXb PP
Slepá ulička IXb PP
Pivo na hrad IXa PP
Atlantis IXa-b flash
Nekonečný příběh IXc PP
Žluté sokolíky IXc PP
Gorges du Tarn
Living color 7c flash
Geometrie dans lespace 7c PP
Prise de carre 7b OS
Omar mateur 7b OS
French Jura
Nimue 9-/9 PP
Gunter priem U42 9-/9 PP
Dumbo 9 flash
Liebesmuh 9 flash
Rubagotti 7c PP
Il cattivo ist überal 7c PP
Il calabrese 7c RP
Canabis 7b+ RP

Jitka Mázlová

Jitka Mázlová