Jessica Pilz, Austria


Jessica Pilz
Job: professional climber
Year of birth: 1996
Climbing since:

What do I enjoy about climbing? 
Everything! I really like the variety of the sport. Every move is different, that´s why it never gets boring, you need every muscle of your body from the toes to the fingertips and also the mind is an important factor, especially if you want to perform at your limit.

How did I start with climbing?
I started at a summer camp in my hometown Haag, where I`ve tried climbing for the first time. I enjoyed it right from the first second and was smiling the whole time while hanging on the wall. Since then I stopped horse riding and went climbing once a week.

Other interests?
Watching films, reading (sometimes), slack lining, baking and cooking.

Why do I take part in competitions?
Because I like to train, I like the process and the challenge to get better and I enjoy travelling around the world with the team. Moreover, the climbing community is really special and I like the atmosphere on comps.

Favourite climbing area?
I haven´t seen many areas yet but Catalonia (Oliana, Margalef) is one of my favourites so far.

The best achievements?
Rock climbing
8c+ Joe Blau (Oliana)
8c+ Mind Control (Oliana)
8c Fabelita (Santa Linya)
1st in bouldering and 1st in lead at China Open 2018
1st place Lead World Championships Innsbruck 2018
1st place Lead WC Chamonix 2018
3rd place Combined World Champinonships Innsbruck 2018
3rd place Lead European Championships Campitello 2017
3times Lead World Youth Champion 2011, 12, 13

Plans for the future?
In the next years I will focus on competitions and on qualifying for the Olympic Games 2020. After my competition career I want to climb outdoors a lot and maybe become a climbing coach or route setter.

Climbing in 100 years?

I hope it will stay how it is right now with a passionate climbing community.

More info about me:
Instagram: @jessy_pilz                                                                                                     [updated: 9/2018]

Articles, videos and links about Jessy

  • World Champion, Jessy became World Champion in Lead climbing at IFSC World Championship Innsbruck 2018

Jessica Pilz, Austria, Singing Rock Climbing Team