INOS 6N / W1502XX06
Light, practical, comfortable and very strong retractable fall arrester. Suitable for multiple uses when working at heights allowing the maximum freedom of the movement.

  • oval design for easy grip
  • lightweight plastic case made of ABS
  • strong attachment point
  • equipped with dyneema webbing with the width of 20 mm and the length of 6 m
  • fall is captured immediately by locking Dyneema® webbing, fall arrest system is similar to the car safety belt
  • webbing is always slightly stretched by a spring system or automatically released, at each moment thereby reduces the length of possible fall to a minimum
  • possible to use mainly at vertical use, max. angle allowance is 40° from vertical
  • model includes EN 362 steel connector with a locking mechanism and swivel
  • packaging also includes 6.6 m accessory cord for lowering the connector
  • these devices are commonly used by workers on the scaffolds, ladders and flat roofs
Weight2.1 kg (4.63 lb)
Materialcasing - ABS, webbing - dyneema, connector - steel
Strength15 kN
Working load140 kg (309 lb)
Length6 m (19.7 ft)
ce 0120 EN 360


instructions of use PDF - 1,3 MB
inspection card PDF - 5,1 MB
Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata, caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work at height and exploration are dangerous activities, which may lead to severe injury or even death. This the following is essential before use:
careful reading and understanding of the instructions for useacquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the productadequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of useunderstanding and acceptance of the risk involved
In case of doubt or problem of understanding, contact SINGING ROCK.