Harness Inspection and Maintenance

68770Inspect your harness regularly to be sure that strength seams, straps and even buckles are right. Put the harness out of the use, if there is visible damage, e.g. broken strength seam, buckle deformation or damage of tie-in point.

After very hard fall without dynamical belaying, put the harness immediately away from the use even if there is not any evident (visible) damage.

Protect your harness against long term UV radiation. We recommend storage away from direct light, in good ventilated room out of reach direct heat resources.

Harness shall not come to contact with any chemical, which could negatively affect the strength features of the strap and yarns.

Dirty harness can be washed by hand in lukewarm water and neutral soap. Harness shall be dried in the shade outdoors, or in well-ventilated room with the temperature approximately 22° C.

Service life of the harness varies according to use frequency. If used regularly every weekend we recommend purchasing harness every two years.

Service life of the harness can be prolonged by increased care when taking the rope away from the harness at untying - fast rope spreading causes strap abrasion at tying point.