EVAQ HUB / W1511X000
Descender and rescue device with lifting function for height rescue by fire fighters, industrial climbers and others when exposed to a danger at great heights such as cable cars, outdoor parks, wind power plants or skyscrapers. Also suitable for quick and easy rescue and even for self-rescue of many threatened people.

  • designed for a working load of 225 kg (2 persons)
  • automatic and redundant brake system consists of 2 fly wheel brakes
  • brake drums are made of steel for high resistance
  • equipped with a handwheel made of durable plastic for easy and save operation even in hard conditions and under a full load
  • three stainless steel eyebolts ensure smooth descend speed control and multiple operation modes
  • back side rope clamp facilitates lifting operation
  • to make the lifting easier the device is equipped with a hexagon adapter for accu-drill connection
  • attachment point is equipped with a steel double trigger automatic locking connector with a gate opening of 21 mm for versatile and easy hanging
  • static polyamide kernmantle rope (acc. to EN 1891-A, ø 9.6 mm) can be up to 300 m long
  • both ends of the rope are equipped with a stitched eye and a steel double trigger automatic locking connector with a gate opening of 21 mm
  • for a storage and transport we recommend a shock and waterproof plastic PROTECTIVE CASE in two sizes with a volume of 17 and 46 litres or a storage RESCUE BAG with a volume of 30 litres
  • when the device is stored in a sealed protective case an annual inspection is easier without the necessity of dismantling this device

  • learn more about the EvaQ HUB device
Weight3.4 kg (121 oz) + rope
Working load30 - 225 kg (66 - 495 lb) designed for 2 persons
Lengthdescent height max. 300 m (985 ft)
Descending speedapprox. 0.8 m/s
Temperature range-40 °C to +65 °C
ce 1019 EN 1496:2017-B EN 341:2011-1A


catalogue sheet PDF - 3,3 MB
instructions of use PDF - 2,0 MB
Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata, caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work at height and exploration are dangerous activities, which may lead to severe injury or even death. This the following is essential before use:
careful reading and understanding of the instructions for useacquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the productadequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of useunderstanding and acceptance of the risk involved
In case of doubt or problem of understanding, contact SINGING ROCK.