Daria Brylova


Name: Daria Brylova
Nickname: Dashka
Job: climber/ digital nomad
Year of birth: 1997
Climbing since: 2009
Country: made in Ukraine, based in Poland

What do I enjoy about climbing?
There are a million things why I love climbing! I love climbers around the world, I love traveling and exploring new crags. I like the feeling of focus and concentration when trying a hard route, being pumped and exhausted after a long climbing day. I like bouldering with my friends.. and many more!

How did I start with climbing?
I accidentally went to climbing competitions for kids and saw them climbing, and I literally remember how I realized that this is something I would love to do.

Other interests?
My work, cycling, hiking, wakeboarding, reading books, painting...  I have a lot of them :)

Why do I take part in competitions?
To challenge myself, spend time with friends, climb on well-prepared boulders or routes.

Favourite climbing area?
Oliana, Siurana, Polish Jura, Frankenjura.

The best achievements?

Ixeia 8b+ - Rodellar
Marroncita 8b (2GO) - Oliana
Plan B 8b - Frankenjura / Zwergenschloss  
Hipertrofia treningowa 8b -  Dolina Kluczwody / Jaskinia Mamutowa    
Czekajac na Godoffa 8b - Dolina Kluczwody / Jaskinia Mamutowa
Chomeini 8b -  Dolina Kluczwody / Mamutowa   
Ramadan 8b - Siurana / Siuranella Est
Gracias Fina 8a (OS) - Rodellar
Laurin - Frankenjura 8a (OS) / Schlosszwergwand
Mishi 8a (OS)  - Oliana 

1 place - Crux Open (Warsaw) 2018
1 place - Aix Only (Warsaw) 2017
1 place - Mazda Open (Warsaw) 2016
2 place - Murall Challenge (Warsaw) 2018
2 place - Bloco Masters (Warsaw) 2015

Plans for the future?
I would love to move to Spain for a while and spend some time there, but after... who knows :)

Climbing in 100 years?
Hopefully more popular and more available for everybody.

More info about me:
Instagram @dariabrylova, Facebook @brylovadaria

Daria Brylova

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