Class 1

For workers who operate at height and above depth who are in 102676 danger of falling from height or into depth, sliding or caving in. These workers have a permanent foothold during work. The use of PPE has rather preventive and work positioning character. This is not work in hanging position.

103311Roofs and constructions

For workers who have a permanent foothold during work.

  • target objects of operation:
    roofs, frame constructions, poles, ladders, industrial halls (machines, moulds, loaders, constructions), elevated surfaces, shelves, scaffolding, silos, stage constructions, cranes, sewerage, chimneys, etc.
  • theoretical part:
    legislation in EU and CZ, risk analysis
  • practical part:
    introduction to PPE, using climbing techniques for OHS securing and positioning, OHS in the workplace, lifting and lowering of loads, permanent securing devices and more
  • duration of training: 7 hours (1 day)
  • validity of certificate: 12 months